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Is the ‘Treadmill Strut’ Workout Trend Worth the Hype?

Is the ‘Treadmill Strut’ Workout Trend Worth the Hype?

Does strutting along to Taylor Swift, Lizzo, and Arianna Grande count as a workout?

Allie Bennett, the self-proclaimed “CEO of the treadmill strut,” skyrocketed to viral TikTok fame in April 2022 when she decided to create a 36-minute treadmill workout set to a playlist of Taylor Swift songs: the original treadmill strut workout. 

In that first video, which has garnered 3.7 million views so far, she posted instructions for the workout: Starting with the first song on the playlist, find your pace. When the song changes, increase the pace of the treadmill by 0.1 miles per hour. When you get to the final two songs, either stay at the pace you land at, or crank it up to jogging speed. Then lower the pace for the last song to whichever speed allows you to cool down (and strut it out).

“It’s not just a playlist. It’s a full 36-minute treadmill workout,” she said about the Taylor Swift Treadmill Strut in an accompanying video

The Taylor Swift treadmill strut is her most popular video, but others, also inspired by her favorite singers, have gone viral as well. Her Lizzo workout has amassed 1.6 million views, the Dua Lipa workout has 1.9 million views, and the Ariana Grande and Doja Cat workouts have 3.6 and 3.7 million views respectively. All playlists are available on Bennett’s Spotify page

The hashtag #treadmillstrut has over 81.8 million views, with users sharing their own treadmill strut challenge videos and playlists. And even singer Lizzo has tried out the workout she inspired and posted a TikTok video about how it went. “I did it. I feel great,” she noted in the video.

What Is the ‘Treadmill Strut’ Workout?

As Bennett explains in her videos, for the treadmill strut workout, you start at a comfortable pace and up your pace by 0.1 miles per hour for each new song on your playlist (which should be about 30 minutes total). Bennett’s playlists are all curated so that the pace of the songs increases to match the increasing pace of the workout. 

For the last two songs, Bennett suggests running or choosing a challenging pace. And for the last song, Bennett suggests picking a pace that feels like a good cooldown for you. 

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